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The 1995-1996 ITO Team:

NHHS Interdisciplinary Team Organization (ITO) Project Ideas

This ITO team developed the thematic units seen below during the 1995-1996 the school year. To see the results of each of these units, please visit any of the links below. They contain all of the 9th grade student and teacher activities that we posted to our web site.

We are sad to report that ITO has been ended for the upcoming school year. Former ITO teachers (listed above) will continue to teach in a interdisciplinary style within their own curricula, but due to budgetary constraints, teachers will not be able to team up to integrate topics of study. These units have been left here as a resource for those interested in using them in their classrooms.

  1. "Getting To Know You:" Team and class building activities based on Spencer Kagan's Cooperative Learning. To participate, send us e-mail telling about yourself, your school, your environment, or your culture .

  3. "Get A Life:" A career unit stressing study skills and self-discipline. If you can tell us about your career or interesting work-related tips, send your data to us via e-mail. We'll post job descriptions and helpful career tips!

  5. "In The Library:" developing research skills. E-mail suggested books and resources for us to research. Send in scavenger hunt questions to search for in the library. All subjects welcome!

  7. " The Write Stuff:" Letters, biographies, and essays across the curriculum to be exchanged by classes.

  9. "The Beast Within:" Totalitarianism, Prejudice, and Conformity in Human Society. The Holocaust Museum, discrimination in literature as a social issue, and genetic engineering will be the focal points of this unit.

  11. "Jurassic Park:" A look at genetic engineering's scientific and legal aspects. As an adjunct to this focus on genetic engineering, take a look at:

  13. Discussion Questions: Star Trek and the Future. Then move on to:
  14. Star Trek: "Space Seed" as an Interdisciplinary Study In Science, Literature and Government.


  15. "Profiles In Courage/Special people:" Biographies of historical figures who have overcome obstacles.
  16.  In keeping with special people, government classes will be studying the personalities of the 1996 presidential race. Check out the political links on the Election Watch '96 Page and send us your opinions on the people and the issues! This page is also our topic on the News Discussion Page for February, 1996.

  17. Our US Government classes conducted a public opinion poll. Questions on courage in politics and history can be found on our Profiles In Courage Page.

  18. The 2008 Election presents many opportunities for students to learn about courageous people. Check out the updated version of the Courage unit.
    Use it in conjunction with the 2008 Election Central Website.

  19. "On The Road Again:" A survey of the American Mosaic. Your e-mail is encouraged! Quizzes for each region of the United States are available for your lesson plan bank!

  20. Check out the US Government project on Civil Rights: A Black History Celebration 

  21. The Virtual Field Trips:

You are invited to submit ideas and participate in any of these units via e-mail throughout the year. We hope you'll join us!


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