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The 1996 presidential and congressional election is now history. In the press, the experts are analyzing the results. You can be an expert too. The students of Mr. Cassutto's government class have developed editorials and activities that deal with the results of the election. Where possible, we have left the resources of the pre-election page as they were while adding new links and activities. Feel free to review the following questions on this year's election. You may want to visit the links provided to gain helpful information to develop an intelligent response. When you have something for us to consume, send it to us by e-mail. We will use your comments in our government and history classes, and if your comments are especially astute, we may even write you back! Thanks in advance!

Table Of Contents:

*Jump to discussion questions on the election results
*Jump To Vocabulary terms on the Electoral Process
*Jump to Presidential Trivia Questions
Jump To Facts on the local election in our area, the 6th Congressional District of Maryland.
* Compare the 1992 and 1996 Election results with our color coded maps.
*Jump to the student editorials on the 1996 Election. We hope you'll send us your opinions!
* Here is a cool but big (46.1 K) graphic on the trail to the presidency, outlining the electoral process. Thanks to America On-Line for the graphic.

*If you are a Maryland High School student, you can practice a few questions for the Maryland Test of Citizenship Skills right here. This sample is on the Executive branch and the Electoral Process. Watch this site for an expanded version of this on-line tutorial!


Discussion Questions on the Results of the 1996 Election

  • Which issue do you feel was the defining idea behind the election of 1996?
  • Why was Bill Clinton so "electable" in spite of the allegations he faces in the Whitewater scandal, "file-gate" (the obtaining of FBI files of prominent Republicans), the Travel Office Scandal (where Bush Travel Office staffers were fired with little or no notice) and the sexual harassment lawsuit that he still faces?
  • Do you feel negative campaigning is effective or is it self-defeating for candidates who use it?
  • Do you think the public opinion poll numbers had any affect on how the voters saw and voted for the three main candidates?
  • Do you think Dole's choice of Jack Kemp helped or hurt his chances of defeating Clinton in November? Why or why not? Who could Dole have chosen to improve his chances of victory?
  • What will be the effect of the Ross Perot's Reform Party on the 1996 election? Will Ross perot and the Reform Party have an effect on American politics in the near future?
  • Which of the candidate had views that you agreed with the most? The least?
  • Do you consider yourself "conservative," "liberal," or "radical?" What aspects of your views leads you to define yourself this way?
  • How do you think the strengthened Republican Congress will work along side the current Democratic president?
  • Is there a way to avoid gridlock that results from "divided government"?
  • What do you hope the President will strive for in the future?
  • Do you think there will be continued investigations of Bill Clinton's actions because the Republican party has a majority in the House and the Senate?
  • Is Clinton truly Democratic (as in the party)? Why or why not? Give us examples.
  • in your opinion, what should Congress do to balance the budget?
  • What will the President need to do to avoid a rough/messy final four years?
  • What went wrong with Dole's campaign? Explain.
  • Mandate: the people are telling the government what to do. Why didn't Clinton get a mandate as shown by 50% of the voters? What could he have done to get a mandate?
  • MARYLAND VIEWERS: Do you think it was a good idea for kids to vote along with their parents in the Kids Voting Program? Can you tell us why?
  • Kids all over the nation chose Bob Dole as their choice for president in mock elections. Why would young people choose Bob Dole for President?
  • Why are the results of the electoral vote and the popular vote so different? Should they forget or take out the electoral vote?
  • Why did traditionally Republican States vote for Democratic when they normally vote for Republican candidates?
  • Do you think Clinton will propose a moderate agenda for his second term in office?
  • Why didn't Clinton lift the ban on travel and immigration to the United States for people infected with HIV? Do you agree with this decision?
  • What is your opinion about the election results in your local area? Please share with us the results of the Congressional and local races as well as your opinion on those results.
  • How many hairstyles do you think Hillary Clinton will have in the next term :-)?
  • How would a Bob Dole administration differ from the goals of a Clinton administration?


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