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Before you write your message, go to the connecting pages and take a look at any of the links provided. The information should provide some basic facts on a topic currently making news, and hopefully, that has some importance to us as American citizens and global denizens. The Webmaster and fellow faculty members hope that you will drop us an e-mail message that contains your opinions, comments, essays, poetry, or otherwise sage commentary. The Webmaster reserves the right to edit flames, venomous spew, and unintelligent dribble by zapping such offensiveness with the delete button. Thanks for taking the time to think!

New sources that can help us understand the issues better:

CNN Interactive.
The Washington Post
ABC News

Check out Election Central 2008

All projects listed below come from previous years. Some links may be out of date.

Want to see additional topics and discussions?Check out additional topics and discussion questions from the managers of the News Discussion Page

Please review these student-developed discussion questions and student commentary on the protest for democracy in Serbia. This page contains a search result listing of CNN's on-line coverage of the Serbian Crisis. We hope you'll let us know what you think!

Please review our Election Watch '96 Page. Your comments for the second Clinton administration are welcome! They may even be posted to the site!

You are invited to read Mr. Cassutto's essay on the Oklahoma City bombing , his essay on the TWA Disaster, and his feelings on Princess Diana. Your comments are welcome and may be used for class discussion.

You are encouraged to submit topics for future sections of this page. Well thought-out, eloquent, and illuminating contributions will most likely become part of this website. Just send them to

Thanks for your time. Come back again!

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