Discussion Questions: The Future and Star Trek

Think about the following questions. Be ready to present your opinions to the class.

    Do you think the future of mankind will be a positive one or a negative one? State your reasons as to why you thing life on Earth will get better or worse.

  1. Do you believe that spending money on Space exploration is worth it or not? List reasons for or against sending humans and machines into space?
  2. What are some of the limitations of space travel? What can humans do and not do in space?
  3. Do you think the idea of nations and countries will continue into the future or will the Human race ever unite into one planet?
  4. Is there a possibility that other intelligent life forms exist on worlds far away from Earth?
  5. If these life forms exist, how can we communicate with them?
  6. Is it right for people to be able to choose their own physical and personality traits?
  7. If physical disability could be done away with on Earth by genetic engineering, should scientists take steps to remove these "defective genes" from humankind? Who would decide what traits are "undesirable?"
  8. Do you think America has the right to tell other countries what to do and what type of government to have? Why should or should not democracy be the main form of government in the World today?
  9. What do you think the punishment should be for leaders who start wars? Does the US or UN have the responsibility to hunt these leaders down and capture them? To put them on trial? To execute them for war crimes?


Just a thought or two....

(The Enterprise flashes across the screen here)

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