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The Local Media of Hagerstown: A Virtual Field Trip

On May 9, 1996, students of the 9th grade Interdisciplinary Team that calls itself "The Get A Life" Team led a group of students on a tour of our city's local media. Four forms of communication were investigated:

*The Radio Station. WQCM-FM was kind enough to allow us to tour their facility. Take a look at who we met and what we saw.

* The Bookbinder/Printer. Hagerstown Bookbinding and Printing is a major publishing house and Internet Service Provider (ISP) in our area. This company gave a good look at their operations. Very cool!

*The Art Museum. Hagerstown City Park is home to the Washington County Museum of Art. Unexpectedly, the small museum contains a number of works by well known masters l ike Rodin and Monet. Cameras were not allowed, but we managed a few shots outside.

*The Newspaper. The Herald Mail is our local newspaper, and we were allowed to tour their printing press area and newsroom.

 The students were instructed to develop opinions on how each medium communicates its information. The influence of each medium was discussed and was the potential for propaganda, misinformation, and media manipulation.

We hope you enjoyed our virtual field trip. A second virtual field trip was posted after our 9th graders visited the Fairview Outdoor Center. This site contains interdisciplinary activities for exploring nature though science and writing. take a look!

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