The Original 
Enterprise 1701Video Worksheet: Interdisciplinary Studies in Science, Literature, and Government.

This lesson is based on an episode of the original Star Trek series entitled "Space Seed." The basic plot involves a dictator from the late 20th century who was genetically engineered to become a superhuman leader. After a world war in the early 1990s, he escaped Earth by using one of its primitive space ships, and survived into the 23rd century by way of suspended animation. This leader, Khan Noonian Singh, was played masterfully by Ricardo Montalban in both the series and the 1982 movie, "The Wrath of Khan."

The objectives of this lesson can be achieved after viewing the episode "Space Seed." The movie also contains numerous scientific concepts and would act as a wonderful interdisciplinary follow-up lesson.


You may want to begin with these discussion questions!

Placing events in chronological order:

Place the following events of the story in their correct chronological order by placing a number in the blank. The first one is done for you.

  • A) Khan Noonian Singh is brought out from his suspended animation canister.__1__
  • B) Khan decides not to kill Dr. McCoy while in sick bay.____
  • C) The Enterprise finds the USS Botany Bay lost in space from the year 1996.____
  • D) Kirk holds a dinner reception for Khan where his identity is virtually made known.____
  • E) Lt. Marla McGivers agrees to give Khan and his band of followers assistance.____
  • F) Kirk is captured and subjected to torture in a high pressure chamber.____
  • G) Khan takes control of all ship functions including life-support.____
  • H) The group of Superhumans from the 1990's is revived from suspended animation.____
  • I) Khan and McGivers are sentenced to Alpha Ceti 5, where they must start a new life together.____
  • J) Khan and Kirk battle each other in the Engineering section for control of the ship.____

    True or False:

    1. Khan is a Sikh, a member of the warrior class from the Northern India.
    2. The Eugenics Wars arose from an attempt to create a race of superhumans by genetic engineering.
    3. Khan can be classified as an authoritarian dictator who allowed little or no freedom of thought.
    4. The Federation is an organization of solar systems where each member has sovereignty, yet still works together much like the United Nations of the 20th Century.
    5. Marla McGivers committed treason and desertion when she decided to help Khan.
  • HOW DO THESE SUBJECTS RELATE? Using examples from the story, complete the chart by showing elements of each subject area.
    1) The Federation is an alliance of solar systems like the UN of the 20th Century.1) The Enterprise has the ability to travel faster than the speed of light, known as "warp."1) Capt. Kirk is a typical hero figure, with strengths and flaws.
    Add your answers here.

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