What's Your Line: An Occupational Questionnaire

Your experiences can help young people make informed decisions about their future. All too often have we as adults heard "if only someone had told me..." If you have the time and inclination, please tell us about your work. Using cut and paste, you can copy these questions into your e-mail program, and send us your responses to georgecassutto@hotmail.com.

 If your organization has a web page, we would like to visit. Be sure to include your URL in your e-mail message. Thanks!

Your Name (Optional):

 E-mail address?

 May we write to you to ask follow-up questions?

 What is your occupation or title?

 Briefly describe the duties and responsibilities of your occupation.

 Briefly describe the day-to-day working conditions for your job.

 List the activities you like to do within your position.

 What is the entry-level salary one can expect for a person employed in a job similar to yours?

 Describe the career ladder for your occupation.

 Briefly describe the employment outlook for your occupation.

 What level of education required for your occupation?

 List the high school and college subjects helpful in preparing for your career.

 Do you know of the addresses of any organizations that can help us learn more about what you do within your job?

 Please send us your thoughts and responses to georgecassutto@hotmail.com Your answers will be used in class discussion, career training, and lessons on job searching.

 Thanks for your time!

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