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Here are some of the thoughts and impressions of North Hagerstown High School Government students. In order to maintain a lively discussion on the events and issues of the 1996 election, please read and respond to our editorials. You can e-mail us at if you would like to express your views. You may even have your thoughts posted to this forum! Thanks for visiting and participating.

From Mr. Cassutto's 4th Period class:

We feel that the election of 1996 did not have a good result. For the last 4 years Clinton has been making us promises that he has not kept. For example, Clinton promised to work to enact a Freedom of Choice Act codifying Roe v. Wade terms into statutory law. However he did not push on this even when Democrats controlled Congress.


 Do you think the American people are satisfied with the outcome of the election? The American people went out to the polls on November 5th of this year. My question is: are they satisfied with their decision? I feel that the percent of the voters who were not undecided just picked the lesser of the three evils. Lets face it. Just look at previous presidents. You had to rob to get rich in the Reagan Era. Then you were dragged through a Bush, and then you were left soaring down a "White water" rapid. and now were all just waiting to get rescued!

 Bob Dole is old, Bill Clinton is just smitten, and Perot just does not know, so that really does not give us, the people, much of a choice, but the incumbent Bill Clinton, of course.

From another student:

 I think it was good that Bill Clinton became president again because Bob Dole wanted to cut off the social security. Plus in my opinion, Bill Clinton is the best president since John F. Kennedy. 

From Period Two:

 We believe the 1996 presidential election was a negative turn out. Bob Dole should have won for several reasons. First, Clinton compromises his beliefs too easily, unlike Dole. Many people feel Clinton has gone too far with this, to even turning into a Republican. He just changes his mind on what he thinks so he can get the job done. For example, when President Clinton went into presidency, he felt very strongly on helping people on Welfare, like a true Democrat is supposed to. Instead, he compromised and made big cuts in the Welfare budget. So in the public eye, he changed his beliefs too easily. And since many people thought Clinton would stand up for Welfare, they voted for him. He probably shocked his followers. He didn't prove himself to them by doing what he promised. Dole, on the other hand, stands up for his beliefs and tries to help the people, not just to get the job done.

From another group of students:

 The Presidential election was a pretty good turn we thought! Bill Clinton compromises because he knows that not everybody agrees on everything and doesn't want to pressure into something we don't want to do! Bob Dole wants to expand the tobacco industry. The last thing in this world that we need is for young Americans to smoke!! Smoking leads to cancer, lung disease, and many other deadly diseases. Bill Clinton is going to build the bridge to the 21th Century for the U.S.A.

On 11-5-96 Bill Clinton got reelected as president; consequently, I was not happy about the electon, nor was I mad. I really did not care for any of the gentlemen running in the election. I really did not like Bob Dole, and more and more, I am thinking that Bill Clinton is a crook.

 I would have been happy if Perot would have won, because he has been running for a long time and he has never won. I also can not find out a lot of things that he is doing wrong. But it is all on who can run the country the best, and I guess that the best for the job is Bill Clinton.


I think that the presidential election was terrible. Bill Clinton should not have won it. I am very glad that Perot did not win because it shows that the people are taking the time to choose the very best person for the job, though I do not know too much about him.

Bob Dole has run for president before and should have won the first election as well as the last one. He promised to take out taxes from our budget. If the news stations had not told every one that he stopped in the middle of the election, Bob Dole would of won.

 So there should be a repeat election this year. If there was a repeat election Bob Dole would have won the election.

PAUL F., Period Six, writes:

 I am writing about the 1992 and the 1996 presidential election. In 1992 the election was actually close. In the 1992 election, Clinton did not even get a majority of the popular vote (43%). Now this year the election was a joke. It was no where of being close. Bob Dole got his political behind kicked by Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton got 45,628,667 national popular votes. Bob Dole got 23,187,145 national popular votes. Now there is another important person that was in the election and his name is Ross Perot. He got over 7 million national popular votes. He did not get that many votes, but also he was not thought of to win the election.

From Period Six Students:

 The 1996 election was not what I hoped for. Bill Clinton won again. I am not in favor of Bill Clinton because of the many of the lies that he told us in the last election of 1992. True, he may of did some of the things that he said he would of done but not enough of them that a reliable president should. Also the scandal he did when he was the governor. 

From another group of students:

The election to me was very disappointing. Although I am not extremely unhappy at the elected choice, Bill Clinton did not blow us up so I guess that we can survive with him another four years. Yes, he helped the economy in a number of ways but it seems like that must be the only good thing he did since in the debates other things were not mentioned.

 Personally, I would have preferred Dole as our president. He was going to return 15% of our taxes and balance the budget.

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