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Election Watch '96***

Discussion Questions

The 1996 presidential and congressional election is now history. In the press, the experts are analyzing the results. You can be an expert too. The students of Mr. Cassutto's government class have developed editorials and activities that deal with the results of the election. Where possible, we have left the resources of the pre-election page as they were while adding new links and activities. Feel free to review the following questions on this year's election. You may want to visit the links provided to gain helpful information to develop an intelligent response. When you have something for us to consume, send it to us by e-mail. We will use your comments in our government and history classes, and if your comments are especially astute, we may even write you back! Thanks in advance!

Table Of Contents:

*Jump to discussion questions on the election results
Jump To Vocabulary terms on the Electoral Process
Jump to Presidential Trivia Questions
* Compare the 1992 and 1996 Election results with our color coded maps.
Jump to the student editorials on the 1996 Election. We hope you'll send us your opinions!
* Here is a cool but big (46.1 K) graphic on the trail to the presidency, outlining the electoral process. Thanks to America On-Line for the graphic.!

Discussion Questions on the Results of the 1996 Election