"Who Wears The Pants?"

I'm proud I'm a Holocaust survivor. I am the khakis of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. I was not a crafted bigot; I was sewn to know all pants are created equal. Just like people, we vary in size,shape, and color. Hitler wore me once every four days, so I was out pretty often. I knew that such bigotry as killing people was wrong. I've been to every camp, every battle, and I know where all the documents and records were hidden. I also remember a certain woman that had to give up her baby. The Nazi soldier tossed it out of a moving train just because it was crying. The woman then attacked the man and was shot.

I was able to see this because Hitler was wearing me that day. I wish I could tell more but I only have so many seams and threads. There's not much left of me now. I'm just the now-cutoff shorts of a teenage boy, who bought me at a yardsale. Now I'm living a nice life seeing love not hate. Being poor and scruffy, but with heart, is better than being rich and ravishing, with greed and hate.

By Eric Z. georgec@umd5.umd.edu

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