An Inspiration Lost.... But Not Forgotten

I've lost my inspiration, I've searched the whole world through, The stars have quite shining and I don't know what to do. For one man's beliefs, allowed human rights to be thrown aside, All causing a horrific, senseless genocide. So many people lost and gone, their hopes, their dreams all shattered, Leaving behind the bodies of the ragged, torn, and tattered. Each person growing lonely, with each step getting old, As each marched solemly in the snowy cold. Not one gave up, no one giving in without a fight, While in the eye of each, a hopeful gleam of light. Not all made the trip, many died, or were brutally killed, The harsh life caused a beating heart to be silently stilled. Their bodies ached, as did their hearts, their minds, their souls, While death awaited them through the great steel poles. Their freedom denied, so many locked behind a secret wall, While for their freedom no one tried to hollar, scream or call. Their deaths served but one purpose, to teach us all an intense lesson, And so that in the future, the same will never be destined. An inspiration lost, but they will never be forgotten, And by the Holocaust they promise a lesson for the world to be begotten.

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The Voice of The Unspoken

All alone she stands in silence, Watching all the hate and violence. People pain she knows and feels, Such innocence robbed by someone who steals. The hurt and hunger of the world weighs her down, Seeing a helpless child cry and frown. She holds her pain deep inside, While putting her weak voice aside. Now she knows she carries the voice of the unspoken, So now their fragile hearts won't be broken. Her voice is weak, but mind is strong, To no more hate will she belong, Loud she speaks to those who hear, As they forget their hate and fear. Hear her now, and hear her loud, Come and join the peacful crowd. Now the voice of the unspoken has been listened to, But will the world know what to do?

By Shannon S.

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