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Election Discussion or Essay Questions

8. Should individuals and groups be limited in the amount of money that each can contribute to a candidate's campaign? Is it fair that large contributors can give to Political Action Committees (PACs) that develop "issue ads" that support a candidate without mentioning him or her directly? How is financial support of a candidate equated with freedom of speech under the First Amendment?

Individuals and groups should be allowed to give any amount of money they desire to presidential candidates because if they support them then they should be able to aid in their campaign. Candidates who have the most supporters will most likely reflect in how much money they receive. Also, contributors should be allowed to give money towards ads that support a candidate without mentioning their name because more than likely there is another candidate who supports the same issue and therefore the ad will benefit multiple candidates. Financial support allows supporters to do what they wish with the money they have earned and it increases the candidate’s ability to further utilize their freedom of speech.

Chandra H.







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