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Election Discussion or Essay Questions

 7. Could a third party candidate have an impact on the outcome of the general election in November the way Ralph Nader spoiled the popular vote victory of Al Gore in 2000?

A third party candidate could have an impact on the outcome of the general election in November similar to how Ralph Nader spoiled the popular vote victory of Al Gore in 2000. Third party candidates can usually have an impact on the votes. People normally vote for Republican and Democrat, and third party candidateís voices can be heard and skew the popularity vote. If people donít like or agree with the two popular candidates they have a choice to vote for the unpopular third party candidate. Like Ralph in the election of 2000, Al Gore could have won, if it werenít for the third party. This shows how significantly third party candidates can affect and skew our votes.

In my opinion I think that come the election of 2008 there will be some spoils that a third party candidate will bring. It has happened in recent years and it will happen again come the election of 2008. We have spent to many  years with too many categories that different candidates have, these different categories such as abortion and issues on AIDS make each candidate bite each others heads off and make every one of the voters choose the third party candidate rather then what they wanted the voters to vote. The republicans are one of the examples I have, they just almost donít see eye to eye but they have some issues which they agree upon. The only thing is its too late and people are seeing that third party category and their eyes are lighting up and they are now getting ready to choose their candidate they want to become the next Bush.



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