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Photography slideshow:

5 years of photography

5 years of photography while living in the nation's capital.


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Articles by George Cassutto:
News article from November 28, 2010: Obama at the Crossroads
December 2, 2010: WikiLeaks: Freedom of the Press or National Security Threat?

December 5, 2010: What's with the Republicans?
December 27, 2010: How Facebook Has Changed Relationships
December 28, 2010: The Vilification of Barack Obama
January 9, 2011: The Impact of the Arizona Shooting
January 23, 2011: Obama and the State of DisUnion
January 26, 2011: The State of the Union Address: Why Does It Matter?
January 28, 2011: Revolution in the Muslim World: Can Democracy Survive?
February 1, 2011: The Domino Effect in the Middle East: 
Which Nation Will Fall to Democracy Next?

February 19, 2011: Workers Wage war of Words in Wisconsin
Defending Divorced Dads: Nine Years and Counting
American Idiot on Broadway: Not for the Young or the Squeamish
March 20, 2011: The Double-Edged Sword of Democracy
May 19, 2011: The Pakistan Paradigm: Frenemies Forever?
May 20, 2011: Journey to the White House
May 22, 2011: The Obama Objective: Middle East Peace
May 27, 2011: Should I Run For Congress?
June 7, 2011: The Tragedy of Anthony Weiner
June 7, 2011: Teaching and Learning in a Living Classroom (At the White House)
June 11, 2011: On the Spiritual Lives of Children
June 17, 2011: Invoking the War Powers Act
June 19, 2011: Reflections on Father's Day: Not Just a Hallmark Holiday
June 23, 2011:Obamaís Afghanistan Solution: Commander or Coward-in-chief?
June 29, 2011: Michele Bachmann: The Tea Party's Rising Star
July 31, 2011: The Debt Ceiling Debate - Winners and Losers
August 4, 2011: Time for a Second New Deal to Raise Taxes and Create Jobs
August 5, 2011: The Arab Spring is Now the Long Hot Arab Summer
August 8, 2011: The Internet Has Changed Politics in the 21st Century Forever
October 28, 2011: To Be Given on the West Lawn of the Capitol
December 26, 2011:Will the Constitution Be Shredded in 2012?
December 28, 2011: Is Iran Next?
December 31, 2011: The Impact of 2011
January 9, 2012: What It Takes to be a Barack Obama Supporter
January 15, 2012: Republicans at the Crossroads: The South Carolina Primary
January 16, 2012: I Have a Dream: What You Don't Get to Hear
January 22, 2012: Morality and Politics: Separate and Unequal
June 14, 2012: Second Guessing Obama's Critics
July 18, 2012: Why Obama Will Win
August 13, 2012: The Impact of Paul Ryan
August 28, 2012: The Republican Convention as Prologue
September 3, 2012: Selling Obama's Record
October 18, 2012: Eulogy for My Twin Brother, Benjamin H. Cassutto
November 11, 2012: Why Obama Won Again
December 1, 2012: Avoiding the Fiscal Cliff
December 26, 2012: Les Miserables The Movie: Purists Beware
January 6, 2013: Obama 2.0: Where to Now?
February 21, 2015: The State of Politics Today
November 5, 2017: The Challenges of Social Studies Education Today
November 12, 2017: The Civics Teacher Conundrum: Teaching Trump
November 26, 2017: Why I Teach
December 3, 2017: The Importance of Holocaust Education

December 10, 2017: Using Hamilton: The Musical in the Classroom
December 29, 2017: Why Join the Teacher's Union?
January 4, 2018: Around the Nation's Capital:
The US Holocaust Memorial Museum

January 7, 2018: Religion in Schools: A Delicate Balance
January 14, 2018: The Pastor and the President: Race in the American Classroom Today
January 28, 2018: Messages from the Marches: Teaching Students Objectively
February 4, 2018: Black History Month and Project-Based Learning
February 11, 2018: The Financial Trials and Tribulations of Teaching
March 2, 2018: Using Popular Music in the Secondary Classroom
March 11, 2018: Using Current Events in Teaching the Executive Branch
March 18, 2018: Project-Based Learning: A Userís Guide
March 23, 2018: One Future of K-12 Education: From the Factory to a Personalized Model
March 29, 2018: Educators React to the March for Our Lives
April 5, 2018: Teaching The Legacy of Dr. King: Fifty Years Later
April 15, 2018: The Importance of the 2018 Mid-Term Elections: A Teacherís Perspective
April 22, 2018: Teachers In Action: From the Classroom to the Convention
April 27, 2018: The Facets of Personality and Successful Teaching
May 5, 2018: Teaching in a Polarized Society: Reaching Across the Political Divide
May 13, 2018: Integrating Trends in Education: Lesson Plan Development for the 21st Century
May 19, 2018: The Royal Wedding: Why Should We Care? One American Teacherís Perspective
May 27, 2018: In Defense of Standardized Testing: A Reflection
October 7, 2018: The Constitutional Revolution of 2019

Cassutto blogs on the state of the union.

Photo by Graham Cullen courtesy of the Frederick News Post



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