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1. Germany Invades Poland

Soviet Union invades Poland

Battleship Graf Spee Destroyed

Sitzkieg or "sitting war" begins


2. April: Germany Invades Denmark & Norway

3. Germany invades Holland & Belgium

4. Evacuation from Dunkirk Begins

June: Italy declares war on Britain and France

U.S.S.R invades Baltic States

5. Paris falls. France surrenders.

6. July: Battle of Britain begins

Sept: London blitzed heavily
Japan formally joins Axis.
Nov: Hungary joins Axis


March: Lend-Lease Act Passed

7. April: Yugoslavia & Greece occupied by Germany.

8. Battle For Tobruk begins.

May: Bismark sunk.
Crete Fails to Germany

9. June: Germany attacks U.S.S.R.

July: Great Britain and U.S.S.R. form alliance.

10. Japan invades French Indochina

11. May-Dec: Germans stopped outside Moscow

12. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.

Japan declares War on U.S. & Britain.

13. Japan invades Thailand, Malaya, and Hong Kong

Germany & Italy declare war on U.S.

14. Japan invades Burma, Borneo, Wake Island.

15. Philippines fall to Japan.


16. Jan & Feb: Japan Invades Indonesia

17. Singapore Falls to Japan

18. Japan invades Solomon Islands.

March: Burma falls to Japan

Macarthur Escapes from Philippines

April: U.S. troops surrender on Bataan

May: U.S. forces on Corregidor

19. The Island of Corregidor falls to Japan. The Philippines are fully under Japanese control.

Allied Blitz of Cologne Begins

20. Battle of Midway

June: Tobruk Falls to Rommel

Kharkov falls to Germans

Aug: U.S. Marines land at Guadalcanal in Solomon Is.

Germans take Caucasus Mts.

21. Battle of Stalingrad begins

22. Oct: British attack El Alamein, Egypt

23. Nov: Allies Invade Morocco & Algeria Axis occupied all of France

24. British take Tobruk.

Aug: Churchill & FDR meet off Newfoundland and form Atlantic Charter

Sept: Germans surround Leningrad

Germans take Kiev


Churchill & FDR meet at Casablanca

Germans surrender at Stalingrad

Feb: U.S. takes Guadalcanal

Soviets take Kharkov

Oct: Tojo becomes Japan's Prime Minister

June: Axis defeated in N. Africa

25. U-Boats withdraw from N. Atlantic ending Battle of the Atlantic

July: Largest Tank battle at Kursk in USSR

26. Allies invade Sicily

Saturation bombing of Germany begins

Mussolini deposed & arrested

Sept: Allies land in Italy

Germans occupy Rome

Mussolini escapes to Germany

October: Italy declares war on Germany

Nov: FDR, Churchill, & Chiang Kai-Shek meet in Cairo, Egypt

Dec: FDR, Churchill, Stalin meet In Tehran, Iran


Jan: Eisenhower appointed Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force

27. Allies land at Anzio, Italy

Germans defeated at Leningrad

U.S. lands at Marshall Is.

28. Feb: Allies stall at Cassino

May: U.S. breaks out at Anzio

June: Allies enter Rome

29. D-Day: Allies land in Normandy, France

U.S. bombs Tokyo

Battle of Philippine sea: U.S. wins.

July: Assassination of Hitler fails

U.S. invades Guam

Aug: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Allies land in S. France

Paris liberated by Allies

Sept: Brussels and Antwerp liberated

Operation Market-Garden fails at Arnhem.

April: Allies enter Germany

30. Warsaw rebellion crushed

British liberate Greece

Rommel commits suicide

De Gaulle heads temporary French Govt.

Oct: U.S. inflicts heavy losses on Japan:

31. Battle of Leyte Gulf

Nov: FDR wins 4th term

32. Dec: Battle of the Bulge begins in Belgium


Jan: Germans lose battle of the Bulge

Soviets enter Warsaw

Feb: US Troops enter Manila

Yalta Conference held in USSR

Allies cross the Rhine; enter Berlin, firebomb Dresden

33. US lands on Iwo Jima

34. April: Battle for Okinawa begins

Vienna falls to Soviets

FDR dies: Truman takes over

35. Soviets enter Berlin

Mussolini killed

US. & Soviets meet at Elbe River

U.N. created in San Francisco

Germans in Italy give up

Dachau liberated.

Hitler commits suicide in Berlin bunker

May: Berlin surrenders to Soviets Allies occupy Munich

Germany surrenders (V-E Day)

June: Germany divided in 4 zones

Philippines fully liberated

July: First A-Bomb test

Aug: Potsdam meeting: Truman,  Churchill, Stalin

Atlee replaces Churchill

36. A-Bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki