A Quiz on the 1998 State of the Union Address
Part One Vocabulary:  
  1. A way for investors to save for retirement without paying taxes on the money saved. 
  2. Any program started or proposed by the President. One example is Clinton's council on race relations. 
  3. When people are treated unfairly due to a trait they may have. The Equal Employment opportunity Commission tries to enforce laws against this action. 
  4. The federal government will have extra money by the year 2000 if the economy continues growing. What term is used to describe this extra money in the federal budget. 
  5. These are pollutants that raise the temperature of the earth. They are dangerous because they can cause the oceans to rise resulting in flooding. 
  6. This term describes debt the government had for the last 30 years. Clinton's proposals have helped shrink this shortfall to zero by 1999. 
  7. Clinton called for this regarding both teachers and students. he wants higher standards for both to make America more competitive. 
  8. When the economy shrinks for six months, it is belived to have experienced this mild slowdown in economic growth. 
  9. Clinton's economic policies have kept this idea in check, preventing a rise in prices for basic goods and services in the US. 
  10. Congress refused to grant Clinton this power, where he can create trade agrreements with other nations and have those agreements quickly voted on by the Seante with little or no debate. 


A) Inflation  
B) Catalyst  
C) Deficit  
D) Fiscal discipline  
E) Bipartisan  
F) Priorities  
G) Surplus  
H) IRAs  
I) Competency  
J) Social promotion 
K) Accountability  
L) "Fast-track"  
N) Convention  
O) Initiative  
P) Greenhouse Gas Emissions  
R) Discrimination  
S) Millenium  
T) Advocacy  
U) Monetary  
W) Recession 

Part Two: Match the statement with the issue. The following passages are quotations from the state of the Union address. Identify which topic the President was discussing within the sentence. 
11) Approve only those priorities that can actually  be accomplished without adding a dime to the deficit.
    AA) Education 
     BB) Bosnia 
     CC) Tax Cuts 
     DD) Asian Monetary Crisis 
     EE) Social Security 
     FF) Race relations 
     GG) Iraq 
     HH) Trade 
     II) Campaign Finance Reform 
     JJ) The Environment
12) Tonight I propose that we reserve 100 percent of the surplus, that’s every penny of any surplus, until we have taken all the necessary measures to strengthen the ________   ________ system for the 21st century.
13) This Christmas, Hillary and I traveled to Sarajevo with Senator and Mrs. Dole and a bipartisan congressional delegation. We saw children playing in the streets, where two years ago they were hiding from snipers and shells. The shops were filled with food. The cafes were alive with conversation.
14) And when I say to him, you have used weapons of mass destruction before.  We are determined to deny you the capacity to use them again.
15) Let’s be clear—a vote against McCain-Feingold is a vote for soft money and for the status quo...
16) This past December, America led the world to reach a historic agreement committing our nation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through market forces, new technologies, energy efficiency.
17) Today, record-high exports account for fully one-third of our economic growth.
18) I ask you help to end the backlog at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 
19) First, these countries are our customers. If they sink in a recession, they won’t be able to buy the goods we’d like to sell them. 
20) ...for the first two years of college, families will get a $1,500 tax credit a Hope scholarship that will cover the cost of most community college tuition.


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