An Interactive Worksheet on the Legislative Branch
Many of these positions and web addresses are subject to change.
Use the Internet to find the answers.

Legislative Branch on Federal Level:  _____________________________________ 

What does the legislative branch do to the law? ________________________________________

Upper House:________________________________________________

Term of office: How many years? _____________

Minimum Age: How many years old?

Name of Current Presiding Officer:_______________________________________

Title of Floor Leader: _______________________________________________

Name of Person: ______________________________ State Represented:____________

Question: According to former Majority Leader Robert C. Byrd, what is  "the most potent weapon in the Majority Leader's arsenal?"____________________________

Name one president who held this position? _________________________________

Name of the President Pro Tempore of the Senate: ____________________________

State Represented:__________________________

Name of Majority Whip:

State Represented: _______________

Question: What is another term for the Majority Whip? _______________________

List two roles of this office? 


Lower House: __________________________________________________

Read the entire web page at these websites to locate the answer.

Term of office:
_______ years.
Minimum Age: _______ years.

Presiding Officer's Title: _________________________________________________ 
Name of the Current Presiding Officer:______________________________________
State Represented:________________
Title of Floor Leader:

Name of the Current Floor Leader: _________________________________________ 

Name your Congressional Representative:

You will need to know your 9 digit zip code, which can be found if you know one mailing address in the general zip code. 
The US Postal Service maintains a page where you can look up the 9-digit zip code at

District Represented: ____________________________________________________


Find state information by starting at your state’s home page. A list of home pages for each state can be found at

 State level: Name of Legislative Body: _____________________________

Upper House: _______________________________________________________ 
Term of office: ______ years. 
Minimum Age: ______ years. 

Title of Presiding officer:_________________________________________________ 

Name of Presiding Officer:_______________________________________________ 

Lower House:_______________________________________________________ 
Term of office:_______ years. 
Minimum Age:_______ years. 
Title of Presiding officer:_________________________________________________ 

Name of Presiding Officer: 

Legislative Body For Cities:_______________________________________________ 

Legislative Body For Counties:_____________________________________________

  Answers to the worksheet  

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