The Teacher and Students have agreed to follow the guidelines listed below.

Lateness: Students are to be ready to learn when the bell rings. The teacher can allow two tardies per marking period, and upon a third lateness, a detention will be assigned to discuss the problem.

Talking: When the teacher is talking, and when other students have the floor during discussion, students will show courtesy
by listening quietly. Students my be varied up to two times before a student-teacher conference is arranged. If the problem continues, further action may be taken.

Come To Class Prepared: Students must come to class with their book, something to write with, and paper. A student-teacher conference will be arranged after one at two warnings.

Gum: Students most recognize that chewing gun in class is a privilege strictly controlled by the teacher. If any gum is seen or board at any time, the offending individual will be asked to remove the gum. Beyond this warning detention and classroom clean-up may be assigned. The privilege can also be suspended for the offending individual as well as for the class.

Bathroom: Students are expected to go to the bathroom before or after class. If the student must use class time for this purpose, the privilege should not be abused (no learning takes place in the bathroom or in the halls). Teacher permission to leave the room must be obtained. Students should keep the number of trips to the bathroom to a maximum of three trips per marking period (every ten weeks).

Fountain: Students may use the fountain within reasonable limits and only with teacher permission. A pass must be issued anytime a student leaves the room for any reason.

Showing Disrespect to Others: Respect for each other, the views of others, and the feelings of others must be maintained at all times. Name-calling, using profanity, refusal to follow directions, and severe negativity are examples of disrespect.
Students who choose to disrespect each other or the teacher will be confronted about their behavior. Parents my be notified, and a referral to the office will be sent to deal with the problem.

Eating and Drinking In Class: The student handbook requires that all food or drinks most be consumed in the cafeteria. Students who bring food into class will be requested to dispose of the food. Beyond this warning, detention may be assigned.

Hats/Electronic Devices: The student handbook requires that no hats are to be worn in the school building and that no electronic devices my be used within the school building. Any student who chooses to violate these rules to class will be asked to put away the offending item. Beyond this warning, the item my be confiscated until the end of the day. I referral will be sent to the office if the problem continues.

Destruction of Property: If a student writes on any desk, the individual most serve a detention. In order to clean the desk that has been marked. Beyond. this action, the parent my be notified. If a book has been marked upon, the student may be required to replace the book. The same action my be taken if a student has destroyed the personal property of another student.

Books not Covered: Books most be covered at all times. If books are not covered, students will receive one verbal warning. Beyond that warning, students will be expected to serve detention where the book will be covered.

Fighting: Students who engage in verbal or physical fighting will be referred to the administrator's office with no questions asked.

Inappropriate Calling Out: Students are expected to raise hands to be recognized when contributing to class discussions at all times except when the teacher has indicated otherwise. Students that are unable to follow this procedure may receive a number of verbal warnings until a time-out will be assigned. The time-out is designed to help the student focus on his or her negative behavior, so the length of the time out will be determined by the nature of the offense

Sleeping: Students are expected to stay awake and alert during the class period. If this is a challenge, the student my ask permission to freshen up at the fountain or bathroom. Students who choose to, sleep will receive a verbal warning. Parents my be notified if the problem persists.

Make-Up/Brushes: Students are required to take care of grooming needs before coming to class. If a student chooses to groom his or herself during class time, the student will be asked to put the material away. Beyond this warning, offending item may be confiscated until the end of the day, when the student will discuss the problem with the teacher.

Stealing: Students found taking personal or school property without permission will be referred to the administration with no questions asked.


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