To The Fuhrer

Out of your childhood you murdered me
And when you achieved the goal of your life,
mine ended. You stole me from my parents
and sent me to a place called hell on Earth.

 There were millions like me
who for their faith alone
faced fear, death and destruction,
their empty souls staring
blankly as they died
each day that they lived.

 As the stench of burning flesh
blackened the heavens above,
your power became my weakness.
The vacuum within me
cut my flesh until their was no more.
Only the will to live carried me
from the flames of the crematoria.

 For years I was a slave for the Master race
forced to dig the graves of my brothers.
No soft kisses, no flowers fancy
filled the thoughts I struggle to hold.

 I could only watch the ones I love
along with the God I thought
I must be standing in His tomb
for only His death could allow
such evil to curse His creation.

 From the corners of Europe
to Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Dachau,
Bergen-Belsen, Sobibor, and Chelmno,
We were stripped of our humanity
and our dignity.
Guards who knew no mercy pulled
the trigger and lit the flames.

 If we were the chosen people,
were we chosen only to survive?
If Jesus Christ was alive today
would he have worn the Yellow Star?
We must live to tell the world our story
and to cry out from the ashes:
"Never Again!"

 George Cassutto



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